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Emblems and Script Badges - Part Number: 10016523

Emblems and Script Badges

SALE PRICE from $2.00

Do you drive a Muscle Wagon? A Street Sled? Come up with dozens of your own combinations. Or do you just want the word "Custom" by your badging so people know t...

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Hidden License Plate Kits - Part Number: 10016522

Hidden License Plate Kits

from $250.00

Hate having a license plate but it’s required. Most states require license plate when driving on the streets. Our kit flips the license plate down when you turn ...

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Tear Drop Dash Knobs - Part Number: 10015996

Tear Drop Dash Knobs

SALE PRICE from $12.10

Dress up your dash with these beautiful two-tone knobs. These knobs are made from laminated acrylic in a variety two-tone colors. Tear Drop Knob

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ATC Blade Fuses - Part Number: 10015874

ATC Blade Fuses

SALE PRICE from $5.60

We offer a wide array of circuit protection for all your wiring needs. From circuit breakers to fuses, you can count on our advanced manufacturing processes to del...

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Shifter and Emergency Brake Lever Boots - Part Number: 10015871

Shifter and Emergency Brake Lever Boots

from $19.95

If you want to add some extra style to your interior check out our parking brake or Shift lever handle covers. Top quality materials for superior fit and finish. Y...

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Brody Steering Wheel Adapters - Part Number: 10015822

Brody Steering Wheel Adapters

SALE PRICE from $16.76

Suicide, Spinner, Brody, or Squirrely knob add a nostalgic retro statement to any steering wheel. These knobs will fit most steering wheels from the old skinny st...

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Tilt Hood Kits - Part Number: 10015819

Tilt Hood Kits

from $250.00

Tilt your hood the right way! Our universal reverse tilt hood hinge Kit gives you the same custom look of many of world's top performance vehicles. Our forward til...

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Aluminum Grill Mesh - Part Number: 10015816

Aluminum Grill Mesh

from $39.95

Custom mesh grille is the best way to replace plane looks and add a distinguished upgrade to your vehicle. From black mesh grilles to chrome mesh grilles, wire mes...

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Valve Cap, Door Plunger, Plate Bolt Dice Combo Kits - Part Number: 10015809

Valve Cap, Door Plunger, Plate Bolt Dice Combo Kits

SALE PRICE from $4.89

Roll the dice the next time you have to add or let air out of your tires. Custom bolt cap kits are individually packaged with you in mind. Each kit contains a mat...

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Retro Onesie - Part Number: 10015619

Retro Onesie

from $15.00

Looking Sharp! This cotton onesie features a Johnny Law Motors retro graphic on the front. Johnny Law's selection of branded active wear makes it easy to wear the ...

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Vintage Baseball Tee - Part Number: 10015618

Vintage Baseball Tee

from $29.00

Looking Sharp! This 2 color cotton baseball tee features a Vintage Johnny Law Motors graphic on the front. Johnny Law selection of branded active wear makes it eas...

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Traditional Onesie - Part Number: 10015617

Traditional Onesie

from $15.00

Looking Sharp! This white cotton onesie features a traditional Johnny Law Motors logo on the front. Johnny Law selection of branded active wear makes it easy to we...

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Valve Cover Breathers - Part Number: 10015604

Valve Cover Breathers

SALE PRICE from $17.49

Now you can eliminate that ugly PCV valve with our performance crankcase breather allow for better airflow over the stock. Aluminum body is cast from high quality ...

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Weatherproof Wire Connectors - Part Number: 10015571

Weatherproof Wire Connectors

SALE PRICE from $3.15

WeatherPack connectors are ideal for all circuits who need secure fast connect and disconnecting. Each connector features SecureSeal that makes it unaffected by wa...

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Remote Engine Start  - Part Number: 10015569

Remote Engine Start

from $299.00

Start your engines !! Remote location push button start kit allows you to easily convert your old caveman keyed ignition into today's hands free engine start syste...

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2 Pt Push Button Buckle Seat Belts - Part Number: 10015568

2 Pt Push Button Buckle Seat Belts

SALE PRICE from $13.96

Buckle Up In Style! Our lap belts use OEM style fabric, and CAD design ensures your safety every time you buckle up! Only the highest quality components to ensure...

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EVAC Train Horn Kits with Compressor - Part Number: 10015533

EVAC Train Horn Kits with Compressor

from $62.44

EVACUATE! EVACUATE! These complete kits include Red ABS Electric Trumpet Horns, one 12V Compressor, and a sturdy Aluminum Base. The solid design of the EVAC horns ...

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Deadloc Suicide Door Safety Pin Systems - Part Number: 10015529

Deadloc Suicide Door Safety Pin Systems

from $65.00

Suicide Door Dead lock actuator. Increases the safety and security of your doors. Thick aluminum plates and unique locking cam design provide a long life of smoot...

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Column Drops With Push Button - Part Number: 10015527

Column Drops With Push Button

from $94.95

Illuminated push button column drops add style to any interior. Highly polished solid aluminum column swivel drops are designed to give you the ability to position...

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Floor Shift Steering Columns - Part Number: 10015526

Floor Shift Steering Columns

from $315.00

Here is a great way to jazz up your interior. Add one of our steering columns to your ride will increase your comfort and driving pleasure. CNC machined to delive...

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Spark Plug Wire Sets - Part Number: 10015523

Spark Plug Wire Sets

SALE PRICE from $34.96

Have the look of yesterday with today's modern plug wires. Fully insulated to isolate high voltages and wrapped in patterned cloth. Includes all the fittings and ...

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Fuel Distributor Log Blocks - Part Number: 10015521

Fuel Distributor Log Blocks

SALE PRICE from $28.00

Fin cast aluminum fuel distributors give you engine compartment a vintage look for managing multiple fuel hoses. Available in 2,3, or 4 port versions .

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Finned Valve Covers - Part Number: 10015519

Finned Valve Covers

from $106.00

Add that cool look again to your engine with a set of aluminum valve covers. Chevy small block finned aluminum valve covers have a nostalgic finned design. This...

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Deep Full Finned Air Cleaners - Part Number: 10015516

Deep Full Finned Air Cleaners

from $194.95

Get that vintage look with deep full finned air cleaners. Old-school looks with modern filtration. These finned, retro-design air cleaners will really set off your...

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Shocks with Mounting Kits - Part Number: 10015514

Shocks with Mounting Kits

from $135.00

Get a silky smooth suspension for your solid axle suspension. Our shocks and mounts are engineered to provide performance and stability and precision made for a pe...

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