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Shaved Door Kits - Part Number: 10016568

Shaved Door Kits

from $145.00

Looking for unique ways to separate your vehicle from the rest? Our shaved door kit will give your vehicle the ultimate clean smooth look. Our universal kit incl...

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Frenched License Plate Kits - Part Number: 10016542

Frenched License Plate Kits

from $54.95

Frenched License Plate Kit gives your ride the unique custom look of a recessed license plate. Our new kit features heavy duty one-piece steel frame construction ...

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Emblems and Script Badges - Part Number: 10016523

Emblems and Script Badges

SALE PRICE from $3.49

Do you drive a Muscle Wagon? A Street Sled? Come up with dozens of your own combinations. Or do you just want the word "Custom" by your badging so people know t...

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Hidden License Plate Kits - Part Number: 10016522

Hidden License Plate Kits

from $250.00

Hate having a license plate but it’s required. Most states require license plate when driving on the streets. Our kit flips the license plate down when you turn ...

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Tilt Hood Kits - Part Number: 10015819

Tilt Hood Kits

from $250.00

Tilt your hood the right way! Our universal reverse tilt hood hinge Kit gives you the same custom look of many of world's top performance vehicles. Our forward til...

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Split Hood Kits - Part Number: 10015818

Split Hood Kits

from $199.00

Have the split hood custom look you’ve seen at car shows all over the country! Split open hoods are the latest craze! Don’t be left out! Our four (4)-hinge split h...

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Inner Fender Panels - Part Number: 10015817

Inner Fender Panels

from $59.95

Pre- fabricated fender panels make it easy to replace your rusted or cut up fender panels with our new inner prefab fender panels. These fender panels are durabl...

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Aluminum Grill Mesh - Part Number: 10015816

Aluminum Grill Mesh

SALE PRICE from $20.77

Custom mesh grille is the best way to replace plane looks and add a distinguished upgrade to your vehicle. From black mesh grilles to chrome mesh grilles, wire mes...

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Valve Cap, Door Plunger, Plate Bolt Dice Combo Kits - Part Number: 10015809

Valve Cap, Door Plunger, Plate Bolt Dice Combo Kits

from $6.99

Roll the dice the next time you have to add or let air out of your tires. Custom bolt cap kits are individually packaged with you in mind. Each kit contains a mat...

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Plug n Play Relay Harnesses  - Part Number: 10015691

Plug n Play Relay Harnesses

SALE PRICE from $13.20

These handy relay harness allow you to cleanly and quickly make installation project easy. Take the frustration out of trying to build you own wire harness. Thes...

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Automotive Relays - Part Number: 10015627

Automotive Relays

SALE PRICE from $7.98

Keep It Clean's heavy duty relays are the best choice for any type of 12-volt wiring project. The Single Pole / Double Throw relay will never get stuck or short ou...

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Bolt On Bracket for S-10 (1 PAIR) - Part Number: AUTSVBK2

Bolt On Bracket for S-10 (1 PAIR)


Bolt On Bracket for S-10 (1 PAIR)

AutoLoc Power Accessories - AUTSVBK2  SKU: 18614

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Deadloc Suicide Door Safety Pin Systems - Part Number: 10015529

Deadloc Suicide Door Safety Pin Systems

from $65.00

Suicide Door Dead lock actuator. Increases the safety and security of your doors. Thick aluminum plates and unique locking cam design provide a long life of smoot...

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Power Trunk Latch Kits - Part Number: 10015528

Power Trunk Latch Kits

from $35.00

Power solenoids are designed to pop open the toughest of doors, hoods, and trucks with a push of a button. By putting military grade high torque door pop / latch p...

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Gullwing Hinges - Part Number: 10015477

Gullwing Hinges

from $499.99

Make your ride’s doors swing up like a Gullwing Mercedes or a DeLorean! Get ahead of the curve. Lift your doors 180 degrees straight up and out! Gullwing doors wil...

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Black Door Loom - Part Number: 10015351

Black Door Loom

from $40.00

Hide Those Wires with Black Door Loom Kits! Hides those unsightly wires that run through your your vehicle. Ideal for door jams, trunks, hoods, or anywhere you nee...

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Bullet Wiper Caps - Part Number: 10015323

Bullet Wiper Caps

from $19.95

Now you can add the WOW factor to just about any threaded or stud end with a custom bullet chrome cap nut. Use them on wiper arms,license plate nuts or grill cap y...

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Door Handles - Part Number: 10015251

Door Handles

from $40.00

Unlock the door to the coolest custom looks on the streets with a pair of Notched shaped billet style aluminum interior door handles - Aluminum finish with recesse...

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Manual Bear Claw® Latches with Install Kit - Part Number: 10015232

Manual Bear Claw® Latches with Install Kit

from $94.00

BEAR CLAW® LATCHES! For great appearance and unsurpassed strength, nothing beats AutoLöc's Locking Bear Claw Latch Sets. The dual claws and extra-large striker-bol...

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Chrome Latch Release Systems - Part Number: 10015235

Chrome Latch Release Systems

from $49.95

AutoLöc's™ stylish chrome Latch Release systems give you an easy way to release with latch-based function. Easy installation allows you to quickly and effectively ...

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LED Bulbs - Part Number: 10015221

LED Bulbs

from $5.50

Throw out your old bulbs and install the future of lighting! LED bulbs provide better light output and designed to maintain their brightness for the life of the bu...

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Silver Door Loom - Part Number: 10015224

Silver Door Loom

SALE PRICE from $37.70

Hide Those Wires! Door Loom Kits hides those unsightly wires that run through your your vehicle. Ideal for door jams, trunks, hoods, or anywhere you need to run w...

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LED Bed Lights - Part Number: 10015219

LED Bed Lights

from $99.00

Add some lighting to you truck bed. Most of the classic trucks had a rolled top edge that makes a perfect spot to add some lights. Lights have a simple three wire...

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1932 Ford Frame Rail ~ Pair - Part Number: VPAFMR1

1932 Ford Frame Rail ~ Pair


These classic frame rails are designed and crafted with the latest CAD CAM technology to deliver the look of yesterday, with the performance of today's modern vehi...

Vintage Parts USA - VPAFMR1  SKU: 18391

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Heavy Duty Gas Strut Metal Ball Socket - EACH - Part Number: AUTGASSTBS

Heavy Duty Gas Strut Metal Ball Socket - EACH


Heavy Duty Gas Strut Metal Ball Socket - EACH

AutoLoc Power Accessories - AUTGASSTBS  SKU: 16346

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