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Stellar Remote Start with Keyless Entry

Stellar Vehicle Security | RS5000 | SKU: 140608

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WARM IN THE WINTER AND COOL IN THE SUMMER! Tired of your vehicle being too hot in the Summer and too cold in the Winter? Stellar's RS5000 allows you to unlock, lock, start your car, plus one other function, all by remote control.

Units can automatically turn on your AC or heater on hot or cold days. With Tach-Less Installation, there is no need to install a wire to you tachometer. An Anti-Grind feature plus adjustable Crank Time eliminates wear and tear on your starter.

The RS5000 works on all diesel vehicles and features system self diagnostics which will notify you if the system has been installed improperly. The RS5000 kit also includes 2 long range remotes, plug in LED & Valet button, and wiring harness. Stellar's RS5000 comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Built-in Door Lock & Unlock Relay: Stop wiring up external relays! Stellar offers B.I.R.T (built-in relay technology) resulting in one of the most reliable and easiest installed security system on the market. Compatible with all door locking systems, including reverse polarity! Built in relays increase reliability, while reducing installation wiring time by over 70%.

Built-in Starter Kill Relay: In order to protect your vehicle when you lock your doors by remote the unit automatically cuts your ignition wire. In the event of a break in a car thief will not be able to start your vehicle! This unit also qualifies for car alarm insurance discounts from all major insurance agencies. In most cases this discount is around 5% to 20%!

VATS & PATS Bypass Output: Reduces installation time because the RS5000 is compatible with all bypass modules.

System Diagnostics: You no longer have to worry about whether you have wired the system up perfectly. System will notify you by flashing the parking lights if you have installed the system incorrectly. This is a built-in trouble shooting feature

Diesel Mode: Get Started! The RS5000 remote start feature is compatible with diesel engines.

Anti-Grind Feature: Tired of hearing a grinding noise with after-market remote starters? The RS5000 eliminates starter grinding on your vehicle.

Get total protection & convince with Stellar security systems & back up sensors. For more information on Stellar products please contact your local dealer, or go to

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  • Feature :: Auto & Wire Tach Sensors
  • Feature :: External Antenna = Maximum Range
  • Feature :: Standard & Diesel Mode
  • Feature :: Vats & Pats Bypass Output
  • Feature :: Selectable Crank Duration
  • Feature :: Auto Restart
  • Feature :: System Self-diagnostics
  • Feature :: Built In Parking Light And Remote Start Relays
  • Feature :: Remote Keyless Entry
  • Feature :: Built In Door Lock Relays
  • Feature :: Built In Parking Light Relays
  • Feature :: Anti-grind Feature
  • Feature :: Ignition Triggered Door Locks
  • Feature :: Microprocessor Control
  • Feature :: Free Tech Support
  • Feature :: Limited Lifetime Warranty
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