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2 Way LCD Alarm with Remote Start

Stellar Vehicle Security | STRS9950 | SKU: 677692

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The STRS9950 is jam-packed with sophisticated features that ensure your vehicle's protection and comes with AutoLöc's state-of-the-art Remote Start System. The STRS9950's code learning technology protects your vehicle from would-be car thieves. With fully programmable settings, you can custom tailor the STRS9950 to your needs. Stellar's Status Memory System recalls system settings and status if power is ever disconnected. Using technology developed for the Tomahawk Cruise Missile, the STRS9950's fully adjustable Shock Sensor features Fuzzy Logic Programming, "warn first" mode, and 6 zones of protection.

Besides the Remote Starting System with an Anti-Grinding feature and Auto-Restart, the STRS9950 comes loaded with features, including built-in Parking Light relays, Remote Keyless Entry, Extra Outputs for Additional Accessories, Code Learning Technology, 4 additional built in relays, Standard & Diesel mode, Parking/Dome Light Supervision, Ignition Triggered Locks, System Diagnostics, Silent Arm/Disarm and much more!!!

Each STRS9950 comes with one long-range remotes, plug in LED and Valet Button, Six Tone Siren, wiring, and wiring harness. The STR9950 features a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Built-in Door Lock & Unlock Relay: Stop wiring up external relays! Stellar offers B.I.R.T (built-in relay technology) resulting in one of the most reliable and easiest installed security system on the market. Compatible with all door locking systems, including reverse polarity! Built in relays increase reliability, while reducing installation wiring time by over 70%.

Programmable Settings: Allows you to turn on and off certain features, which creates a custom alarm system to fit your needs.

Status Memory: Stellar's Status Memory System recalls system settings and status if power is ever disconnected.

Six-Tone Siren W/Honk Mode: Your Choice! This siren is multi-funtional in that you can make use of your existing horn, or instead use the six-tone siren feature.

Adjustable Shock Sensor w/ Fuzzy Logic: Fuzzy Logic is a computer term to indicate that the microprocessor in the alarm is programmed to "think" and decides if the impact is the proper signature for break in, or if it is the wind from a passing truck. The same applies to the voltage sensor in this alarm unit, it knows the difference between the electric fan and a small light in the car. Fuzzy Logic technology will result in fewer false alarms and an increase in your car's protection.

Super Soft Mode: Reduce the sound of the chirp when arming, or disarming your vehicle so you won't disturb your neighbors!

Plug-In Led & Valet Button: Stellar Alarms include a valet button, which allows you to program your alarm, and a Red Plug-In LED to show whether your alarm is on or off.

Built-in Starter Kill Relay: In order to protect your vehicle when you lock your doors by remote the unit automatically cuts your ignition wire. In the event of a break in a car thief will not be able to start your vehicle! This unit also qualifies for car alarm insurance discounts from all major insurance agencies. In most cases this discount is around 5% to 20%!

Car Jacking Protection: All Stellar car alarms offer an anti car jacking mode. To activate simply arm the alarm while driving. If any door is open the alarm will trigger.

VATS & PATS Bypass Output: Reduces installation time because the STRS9950 is compatible with all bypass modules.

System Diagnostics: You no longer have to worry about whether you have wired the system up perfectly. System will notify you by flashing the parking lights if you have installed the system incorrectly. This is a built-in trouble shooting feature

Diesel Mode: Get Started! The STRS9950 remote start feature is compatible with diesel engines.

Anti-Grind Feature: Tired of hearing a grinding noise with after-market remote starters? The STRS9950 eliminates starter grinding on your vehicle.

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  • Feature :: Two Way LCD Alarm with Remote Start
  • Feature :: STRS Series
  • Feature :: Multi color LCD
  • Feature :: Full virtual monitoring
  • Feature :: Remote engine starter
  • Feature :: Code protection
  • Feature :: Starter kill circuit
  • Feature :: Super high frequency
  • Feature :: Up to 1/4 mile range
  • Feature :: Aux 1.2 for additional control device
  • Feature :: Remote engine starter
  • Feature :: Vehicle monitoring system
  • Feature :: Manual transmission mode
  • Feature :: Diesel mode
  • Feature :: Manual transmission active/passive reserve selectable
  • Feature :: Door lock/Door unlock
  • Feature :: Ignition controlled door locks selectable
  • Feature :: Arm/Disarm
  • Feature :: Active/Passive Arming selectable
  • Feature :: Valet mode
  • Feature :: Dome light supervision
  • Feature :: Status LCD warning light
  • Feature :: Starter kill circuit
  • Feature :: Current detector circuit
  • Feature :: Silent mode
  • Feature :: Dual shock sensor
  • Feature :: Cold start/Reserve start
  • Feature :: Panic
  • Feature :: Vehicle find
  • Feature :: Parking/Driving time indicator
  • Feature :: Warm-up time adjustment mode
  • Feature :: Remote trunk release
  • Feature :: Four car operating
  • Warranty :: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Support :: Free Tech Support
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